Owner Away & Vacant Property Services

Peace of Mind is the primary benefit of our Vacation Home or Vacant Property Inspection Service. When you leave town or own a second home, you want to be able to enjoy yourself knowing that your home is in good hands with Lake Conroe Management. In your absence Lake Conroe Management will be there to take care of your property when you can’t be.

When Lake Conroe Management watches over your home, we:

-Inspect the home weekly
-Visually inspect the interior including furniture, appliances, doors and windows.
-Conduct a visual inspection of the exterior including windows, doors, roof, yard, fences and docks.
-Verify your temperature settings and make sure the HVAC system is working properly.
-Check your hot water heater.
-Flush toilets & run faucets
-Run dishwasher
-Check your circuit breaker panel.
-Check for leaks.
-Remove dead insects inside, and trash from your yard.
-Check your alarm system, as applicable.
-Secure door locks and windows
-Check car batteries, start vehicles in place
-Prepare your property for your return.
-Additional items upon request.

Whether it is for a few weeks or a few years, we can customize an inspection process for your property.

Live the worry free lifestyle and manage your vacant, rental, vacation homes & property with us!